Tech Intern

A tech internship is built off of the Biblical foundation that 1) We are called to serve the Body in ways that God has crafted us to do and 2) We are called to worship God congregationally and individually. With that in mind, a tech internship focuses on combining relational, worship-focused ministry with technical skill. Basically, how do we worship through our technical skill, and how do we encourage and empower others to do the same? The internship is highly customized to the intern. In general, you will work with the Tech Director to…

-recruit, train, and maintain relationships with volunteers

-develop technical skill (sound, lighting, video, Pro Presenter, online experience, etc)

-understand the dynamics of partnering with worship teams

-study the relationship between tech, worship, and church culture

-grow in your walk with Christ

Opportunity Details:

Preference Area: Tech Area


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