Mini Small Groups

Mini-small groups are a fun way for younger students to experience a little taste of what it means to be in a small group while doing something fun with others. Throughout the year, different groups will be offered with a focus such as baking, gym games, ninja warrior, science, etc. Groups will run for 6 weeks and each week, students will have fun and learn the basics of our faith in different ways.

Science Explorers Group

Baking Small Group

Safety Matters

Safety for your children is our concern. Our KIDS wing was created with security for children in mind. Criminal background checks are completed for all adults who are with the children in our care. All approved workers are identified with a photo ID. Matching security tags are given to each parent and child in our care. No adult is allowed into the KIDS wing without the security tag, and children are released only to the adult presenting a matching security tag.

Child/Youth Protection Policy

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