Every year, Angel Tree® brings children and their incarcerated mom or dad together on Christmas, one gift at a time. Through Angel Tree, volunteers are mobilized to deliver a gift, the Gospel, and a personal message of love to children on behalf of their mom or dad in prison. Every Angel Tree parent’s family is also given access to a free, easy-to-read copy of the Bible (available in English or Spanish). It starts with a gift and leads to restored relationships.

Watch Video – It Starts With A Gift

There are multiple ways to be a part of what God is doing through Angel Tree this year.

The main way is to buy a gift for a child on behalf of their parent who is incarcerated.
Buy a Gift through selecting a tag at Southbrook • At Southbrook, there will be a Christmas tree near the Information Center with tags on them on Sunday, November 21. The tag will tell you the name of the child, their gender and age, and ideas for a gift to buy. Select a tag, buy and wrap a gift, and bring it back to church the following 2 Sundays: Sunday, November 28 & Sunday, December 5.
Buy a Gift through Virtual-Direct • The Virtual-Direct option allows you to sponsor a child of a prisoner for $25 to receive a Christmas package on behalf of their incarcerated loved one. The Christmas package will include: a gift card to Walmart, the prisoner parent’s message, a Gospel presentation, and an opportunity to request a free Adventure Bible. LINK COMING SOON!
// Consider also purchasing a gift for the child's caregiver! Simply include it with your child's gift. //

You can also volunteer to help in the following ways:
Organize Gifts • There will be a gift organization night on December 8 where you can help organize gifts for distribution.
Deliver Gifts • You can help deliver gifts to families' homes between December 20-25. 
Help at Angel Tree Gift Distribution • There will be three events that you can volunteer at, two on December 18 in Milwaukee and one on December 19 at Southbrook.
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Learn more about Angel Tree and Prison Fellowship here. 

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